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Felecia Hatcher is a Speaker at the Women’s Success Summit

3 Nov

Felecia Hatcher is going to be a speaker at The Women’s Success Summit this year, which we couldn’t be more excited about! The Women’s Success Summit IV is Miami’s largest 2-day business conference for women. The Summit features speakers, panels, workshops, and activities designed to help entrepreneurs, business owners and high-level executives succeed at a whole new level. The theme of this summit is “Risky Business: Going All In.” It will be held at Gulfstream Village on Thursday and Friday, November 10th & 11th. See the detailed agenda and register at http://WomensSuccessSummit.com/.

Feverish’s Felecia Hatcher on Gaming and Ice Cream Sandwiches

21 Feb

Felecia Hatcher is a Palm Beach native, former Wii slinger, and a true ice cream lover. She and her husband Derick Pearson co-own Feverishone of the longest running “food” trucks in the area, selling frozen desserts. They just introduced six new Feverish carts around the city, taking their sweets to unexplored and harder-to-get-to-in-a-truck places. The look and vibe is fun and funky — and ice cream’s the perfect way to bring down your body temp on a steamy Miami eve.

As the weather warms, you’ll be seeing more of Feverish at the food truck meet-ups. They’ll likely be at the Biscayne Plaza (NE 81st Street and Biscayne Boulevard, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.) on Thursday afternoons and on Tuesday evenings at the North End Biscayne Triangle Truck Roundup (127th Street and Biscayne Boulevard, 5:30 to 10 p.m.). They’ll be parked at Las Olas Farmers Market this Sunday, the Jackson Memorial Hospital Farmer’s Market on Thursday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., and the Wilton Manors Farmers Market in March.

New Times: What did you do before you started Feverish?

Felecia Hatcher: I had a career of a little over five years as a marketing manager. I traveled around the country putting together experiential marketing campaigns, and right before Feverish, I was working for Nintendo.

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Super cool business idea

1 Nov

Since I travel so much I always meet people who want to start a business but have no idea what they would like to do. Here is another cool business ideas that’s so simple it’s disgusting lol no it’s brilliant and I need them to come out with one for the iPhone asap. .


Even Toilet Paper companies evolve

28 Oct

The old business saying goes “Evolve or Die” meaning your business has to constantly change to keep up with the times and to continue to keep people excited about what you are doing. Lets face it people(including me and you) always want to be associated with the next big thing and if you evolve the right way and continue to evaluate your business and it’s mission you will have loyal customers and brand campions. I came across this article and thought it was funny that after a crazy amount of years this toilet paper company is breaking away from the pack and taking the roll out. Peep the link

One Toilet Paper Company Decides to Ditch the Tube http://dlvr.it/7hNv1

Your Greatest Networking Weapon? Your Business Card.

16 Sep

Hey I found this nice article fromyoungupstarts.com and thought of sharing it with you

When you receive business cards at networking events you don’t tend to take them very seriously.  But the fact is that these business cards can turn out to be your most important networking tool and the only other thing people can remember you with other than your personality.  So go ahead and make sure your business cards stand out from the rest.

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The Entrepreneurial Personality

10 Sep


Hey I found this nice article from emerging-entrepreneurs.com and thought of sharing it with you

How do you define an entrepreneur? Is it the leadership skills or is it caliber or is it focus and motivation that makes an entrepreneur? Well there are different schools of thought. Motivated, focused, dominant, confidence are certainly traits that define an entrepreneur…

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Advantages of Starting a Business in College

3 Sep

Hey I found this nice article from youngupstarts.com and thought of sharing it with you

Have you ever realized that all great business ventures like Dell, Microsoft and many others started in school dorms and garages. So even though you may be low on capital while you are in college, but why can’t you dream big and think of owning companies as big as these. Take control of your destiny while you are still in college I did I started my first business Urban Excellence an educational consulting company. All good colleges have a school of business and you should make the best use of their facilities to give yourself a head start. Distinguish yourself through your vision and the desire to succeed..

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